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Combining 125 years of medical experience, we have deconstructed healthcare’s approach to pain. We’re prepared to offer an alternative to the opioid-dependent methods that run rampant but offer little hope. Our refined model surpasses short-sighted symptom relief to identify pain at its root and treat it with non-surgical orthopedic options.

This model hinges on two key elements: Regenerative Medicine and Comprehensive Functional Health. Integrating cutting-edge, minimally-invasive techniques and the basic science of tissue regeneration, we identify and treat the structural cause of pain. We then look beyond the disease to find the lifestyle and health patterns that make you vulnerable to pain to help you heal.


We’re changing healthcare in a big way. In the coming year, we will open doors to new services and treatment options that have been undergoing years of development. To accommodate these additions, we are repurposing the Eagle Creek Library into a state-of-the-art medical facility which will serve as the epicenter of a new way to treat pain effectively, sustainably, and with much greater hope for a well life.

To account for this new direction, we will also be changing our name to Wellward – a new path we hope to take with you.  You will begin to notice changes in our logos, social media, website and more! Wellward is healing beyond medicine, it’s regenerating health.

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